Using Mobile Apps to differentiate and create targeted offerings

People used to drive cars merely to get from place to place. Sure, there were some differentiators in terms of luxury, but in essence, the car was primarily about movement. Today’s consumers are looking for more, however. They live in a connected world where entertainment, social interaction, and efficiency are extremely important, not only at their destinations, but on the trips in between.
Mobile apps can have a tremendous benefit for consumers. Not only can they help drivers stay connected to their friends, listen to their favorite music, or even listen to their favorite book, but they can help them understand what is going on when the check engine light comes on; or better yet, help them avoid traffic to get to their destination more quickly.

Mobile apps don’t just provide a one sided benefit for the consumer, thowever. They can provide an enormous amount of information for automobile manufacturers who are seeking to differentiate in an increasingly competitive market. By collecting data through mobile apps, manufacturers can begin to make targeted offerings to clients based on their individual behavior.

But what if the mobile app could do even more? What if a mobile app could keep consumers connected to customer service, providing an experience like they’ve never had before. Companies can use data to develop practical insights into the behavior of their customers in order to develop new streams of revenue and improve offerings. With Teleperformance’s Connection Mobile App, auto manufacturers can do just that. To learn more about what the impact that mobile apps for autos can have on customer experience, please read our new white paper.

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