The Human Element of Business Process Management
Raising the Bar

Organized and efficient business processes are more than IT solutions and excel spreadsheets: human-driven process improvements are just as important as the technological, and the most innovative companies will make it a priority to implement creative strategies for enhanced productivity and agility in the back office that translates into a smoother front-office.  For that reason, Teleperformance has developed solutions that leverage business process management to align both customers’ and businesses’ needs.

BPM involves tasks like modeling, automating, executing, controlling, measuring and optimizing business activity for the good of the company, its systems, employees, customers and partners. Many companies believe that back-office processes exist because some things cannot be automatized or integrated into process-centric investments. But they don’t realize that in accepting back office inefficiencies, they are giving up an opportunity to lower costs, speed up responsiveness and increase customer satisfaction.

Instead of simply identifying and addressing the top call drivers, we align priorities and designs processes around customer satisfaction. Our human-centric approach to back-office management has set a new standard in BPM solutions: We create end-to-end solutions through our customized proprietary Customer Relationship Management and workflow tool, TP Client. This toolset drives process improvement through the combining leading market methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma, with Teleperformance’s unique expertise in operations, training and customer and employee satisfaction.

This approach helps us identify downstream and upstream issues, including front-office complications like low first call resolution, escalating back-office volumes and back-office inefficiencies that have repercussions in the front. Pointed solutions can then be devised and implemented to foment a smooth, nimble workflow throughout the organization.

Recently, we implemented this solution for a major international bank that was facing high operational costs and complications with regulation entities. After identifying that the workflow was not integrating back-office and outsourced operations, we remodeled and reoriented them with a focus on what makes customers happy. That means more freedom for outsourced agents in terms of charging based on the amount of cases solved and offering bonuses for cases solved in the back-office. We also redesigned their workflow and designed a structure for employee training.

After three months, the bank was 30% more productive and issues with regulatory entities had decreased by 10%. Client attrition rates went down 50%, and callbacks in the front office decreased by 62%. The numbers speak for themselves: the BPM approach is flexible and responsive to the needs of both the business and the customer, and generates a productive, harmonious relationship between the front and back offices.

For more information on our BPM solutions, check out our  White paper

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