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Is It Time For A Contact Center Health check? Here's 5 Areas To Focus On

During Q1 many executives like to check their business is in good shape for the year ahead, those working in customer service are no exception. Although contact center processes are designed in great detail, in collaboration with clients, things can always change. Undertaking a review process, or a “health check”, is a good way to identify if the way your contact center is operating is still optimal.

If you search online for information about contact center health checks, you will find endless offers from consulting companies who claim that they know exactly how your contact center should be working. You can gain a few ideas from their proposals, but in reality I believe that there are just five key areas you need to focus on:

1. People: do you still have the right people? In many contact centers the omnichannel approach to using many different communication channels requires multiskilled team members. In addition, many customer service teams are now far more closely aligned with the sales and marketing processes – is the team working well with all these additional functions?

2. Process: are the procedures followed still optimal? Are actions being captured to a CRM system that can offer greater insights into customer behavior? Do customers feel supported by the process or constrained by interactions that feel scripted?

3. Technology: are the agents using tech that supports them and is it working? Are you exploring new options that might help, such as decision support and guidance software or Artificial Intelligence?

4. Metrics: are you measuring the agent and customer interactions in the right way? Do your existing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics drive positive behavior or are they just the same measures you always had in the past? Do you use different metrics for different channels?

5. Alternative Ideas: are we still doing the right thing in the right place? You should consider how the contact center would be designed today if the contract was new and being designed again. Would you make the same decisions? Are new options available now that you could not previously have used?

These are the same areas you would have focused on when designing the contract that was created between the client and contact center supplier, however the relationship between the customer and brand is fluid. Customer expectations change over time so an annual review that explores every area of the contact center, from the people to the technology used, can help you to ensure that the team is offering the best possible customer experience.

With our experience designing contact centers in over 74 countries, Teleperformance is well placed to offer our expertise in health checks – in addition to designing new solutions. Please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch directly for more information on contact center health checks.

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