Free Engagement: unscripted social media strategy
free engagement

Omnichannel customer engagement has changed the fundamental way that companies interact with customers. With new channels come new challenges. Social media, in particular, is a demanding channel for many companies, particularly because of the way that customers want to be engaged. Social media requires a flexibility to which many companies are not accustomed.

In our latest white paper, we examine the use of free engagement on social media. Engagement is not just a single interaction with your customers, but communication that can occur on different channels over a period of time. When you think about social media engagement, you consider how you use networks like Facebook™ and Twitter™ to create a great customer experience. As soon as customers decide to engage with your brand over social media, they trust that you can provide them the best solution.

Customers don’t want to be treated like numbers on a spreadsheet. They want to have conversations with someone who cares about their needs. For some companies, using an unscripted approach to customer engagement has had an extraordinary impact on their goals. However, unscripted engagement cannot be undertaken without a specific plan to ensure customer satisfaction. There are a number of strategies that companies can use to ensure that their unscripted social media strategy fits brand and customer needs. Learn more about how to develop the right free engagement approach to customer service in our new white paper.

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