Understanding Their Behavior on Social Media

There is no question that today’s brands have to establish a strong presence on social media. The most savvy companies are developing refreshing, insight-based and customer-first social strategies, which are nuanced, targeted, and thoughtful.  The development of such plans requires a deep understanding of the audience that your firm is trying to reach. More importantly, it is necessary to recognize that creating a one-size-fits-all approach to social media can alienate certain audiences.

Social-media users approach their accounts differently based on age, cultural norms, and other variables. Generational differences, in particular, have a great impact on social-media use. Understanding these generational differences is key to developing the right strategy necessary to properly engage with current customers and potential buyers. The wrong social media strategy can lead to dissatisfied consumers and a negative social media footprint. However, the right one can boost interactions, increase engagement, give brands a bigger voice, and grow advocates organically.

The Customer Experience (CX) Lab at Teleperformance undertook an extensive study across five countries to understand generational differences. What they found is that Traditionalists and Baby Boomers use social media much less than their younger counterparts. Members of Generation X are more avid social media users, and are the most likely to post positive reviews. Millennials are digital natives, who are heavily influenced by social media, and are the most likely to post negative reviews.

To learn more about generational differences on social media,  read our new white paper. 

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