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5 Lessons Learned At The Leader Insights Forum

I recently attended the Teleperformance Leader Insights Forum in Amsterdam. This was a two-day event featuring speakers from across the world exploring some of the biggest questions on the future of the customer experience (CX). The Teleperformance blog published here features a summary of the speakers and their message, but I’d like to just list five key takeaways that came about because of the notes I took during their talks:

Digitalisation is changing every business in every industry vertical: we learned about the concept of digilogue from Swedish-Australian speaker Anders Sorman-Nilsson. This is the need for companies to embrace digital technologies, but combined with an analogue approach to customer relationships. His mother’s tailor shop in Stockholm is an excellent example of a service that is very analogue in-store, but utilising tools such as Instagram to stay in touch with customers.

Digitalisation is not killing jobs, just changing them:Stefano Scabbio, the President, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, of Manpower explained that 86% of senior leaders believe that their company will need the same number of people – or more – in the near future. Jobs are changing and require new skills, but they are not vanishing.

GDPR is an opportunity, not a threat: The EU General Data Protection Regulation is generally thought of as a compliance issue. It’s a regulation. You just need to ensure that the boxes are ticked and checked. However, customers today are much more focused on how their data is used so your approach to GDPR can be used to reassure customers that they are safe – you can use GDPR as an opportunity.

Data is a currency: Mike Havard the founder of Ember explained how he worked with Lego to determine the actual value of their investment in customer experience. Lego spends a lot and creates a high value experience, but they went through a process of quantifying if they could spend less and just achieve a satisfactory CX – they determined that it’s worth making customers love the brand. Having the right data that allows you to explore the customer journey is extremely valuable.

Omnichannel is more than just multiple sales channels: the new Praxidia CEO, PaoloRighetti explained that omnichannel customers are far more important to your business than you might realise. The more channels a customers uses, the more likely that customer is to recommend your business to their friends and family. Omnichannel customers are far more likely to be your customer advocates than any other type of customer.

Many CX futurists fear for the future, but across all of the Leader Insights Forum speakers there was a sense of positivity. Change is coming and technology is making it happen faster, but there is a lot of exciting opportunity out there too. By the end of the debate we had talked about drone managers, knowledge implant managers, spirit archivists, and personal data concierges – all jobs that don’t exist today, but were predicted by our experts as future careers we need to start planning for. CX change is taking place fast, but the change we are seeing now is good for the brand and for the customer too.

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