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In January 2017, the world’s largest technology event, CES, dropped a ton of new tech on the world. Naturally, the occasion rarely disappoints. This year, the event lived up to the hype with all sorts of cool gadgets on display, and our e-Performance team kept up with all of it.

There were so many amazing devices, all of which are worthy of attention. But the major hot topics of the event included things like Amazon’s Alexa ™, the voice-controlled, smart home, innovator that will change your life completely; the Farady Future™ super-fast electric car; an amazingly thin television from LG™, which is so skinny that from the side, you can barely see it; and the Kuri Robot, which not only helps out with security but plays music and tells stories.

But gadgets weren’t the only thing on display. Some of the great CEOs from around the world came to talk about their products including Jen-Hsun Huang from Nvidia™, Richard Yu

From Huawei™, and Carlos Ghosn from Renault-Nissan™.

CES was hot on social media, as well. Overall, there were 3 million mentions, as compared to last year when there were only 1 million mentions. People from 197 countries mentioned the event, which goes a long way toward describing the reach of CES.

Sadly, CES 2017 has come to a close. Though we will be in mourning for a bit, we look forward to next year’s event where we will likely see the latest in flying solar-powered cars, robots that seem like they’re off the set of Westworld™, and contact lenses that allow us to see into the future. We can’t wait! In the meantime, check out our latest infographic on CES 2017.


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