Integrating Mobile to Improve Patient Care

People are actively looking for ways to live healthier, longer lives and are increasingly adopting health technologies to help them do just that. The push to make healthcare and wellness management accessible via digital and mobile platforms is quickly transforming the industry.

Over a two-year period, the adoption of health-related smartphone apps has doubled. In 2015, 32 percent of consumers said they had at least one health-related app on their mobile devices, up from 16 percent in 2013.

Consumers are not motivated to adopt just any healthcare app. They demand multi-functionality, innovation, transparency and value. The most successful apps are also usually low-cost or free to download and help lower the cost of care for consumers by either improving preventative care, cutting wait time, or reducing costs of transportation to and from office visits. This level of customer care is required whether the end user is a patient, a physician or a healthcare company.

Many successful apps integrate a brand’s omnichannel strategy to ensure streamlined customer service. Through Teleperformance’s Connection Mobile App solution, companies can elevate their mobile app quality by ensuring that its offerings seamlessly integrate with their overall customer approach, data strategy and messaging needs. Teleperformance can convert a healthcare app into a fully functioning, transparent and secure engagement platform.

If you want to learn more about how Teleperformance’s Connection Mobile App can help improve your digital health strategy, read our new white paper.

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